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30 Day Rainbow Brite Challenge: Day 18

Day 18 - Something you wish the show had elaborated on

There is so much! Like I said for Day 17, I wish there was more character development in Rainbow Brite. There was some, for Brian, Murky Dismal, Red Butler, Twink; most characters didn’t get any development, and were just there, and flat.


I love character development. I would love to know more about Indigo, whom I personally feel was the least developed Color Kid.


Would have also liked to see how extensive Rainbow Land was. We, the viewers, know of one border, the one that is shared with the Pits. But what is beyond the others? Murky’s mother lives beyond Rainbow Land, somewhere that isn’t the Pits, so where does she live?


Speaking of Mrs. Dismal, is there a Mr. Dismal? What are the Dismals?


I would have also liked to get to know more about Brian, his family, town, ect. There is so much they could have done. 

30 Day Rainbow Brite Challenge: Day 17

Day 17 - Something you wish had happened in the show

More then anything, I think I would have liked more episodes like the first ones, “Peril in the Pits,” and “The Mighty Monstromurk Menace.” Excellent two-parters that had nice character development, and interaction, as well as solid story telling. Mostly for the character development. First for Brian in “Peril”, then Red Butler through his interactions with Brian in “Monstromurk”.

Would have been fantastic if they had an episode for each Color Kid, Brian teaming up with them being a common theme. It would have been fantastic. We, through Brian, could have learned about each color kid individually, with Brian learning some subtle life lesson by the end. 

That probably isn’t what the creator of this challenge meant, but it’s what I want.

30 Day Rainbow Brite Challenge: Day 14

Day 14 - Favorite location

Tough choice, but I think I’ll go with that special little place where the Pits transitions into Rainbow Land. Where one emerges out of the darkness and into the light…

… and then rises up over that final hill and Rainbow Land comes into glorious view. From that spot, emerging out of the Pits and looking down onto Rainbow Land, there seems to be endless possibility for the future. A future full of color, hope, joy and laughter. The adventure is just beginning, at this place where despair and gloom are left behind.

30 Day Rainbow Brite Challenge: Day 13

Day 13 - Do you prefer the English-speaking Sprites or the Happyspeak-speaking Sprites?

It’s a tough choice, especially since so much emphasis is put on Twink above all other sprites.

However, Romeo got to have a few moments to shine in an episode, and that was nice. It’s tough to give the Happy-speak sprites starring roles when the audience wont know what they are saying, and are likely to be too young to read subtitles.

I sometimes enjoy Twink, but there are instances where he is annoying. Such as when he talks too much, or is too bossy. In both such instances he repeats himself over and over. Likewise, sometimes the Happy-speak sprites babble too much and are a little irritating as well. 

While Twink is the only english-speaking sprite in Rainbow Land, he isn’t the only sprite who can speak English. There are all the sprites who live on the planet Spectra. With the exception of Orin, Spectran sprites are unhelpful, grouchy beings. I think I may have liked them more if they spoke Happy-speak, that way I wouldn’t know how rude and sour they were.

So with all that taken into consideration, and the fact that I’ve already declared Nite Sprite (who speaks Happy-speak) as my favorite sprite, I hereby declare that I prefer happy-speaking sprites as my preferred sprites.

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