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30 Day Rainbow Brite Challenge: Day 8

Day 8 - Favorite friendship

For favorite friendship I would have to go with Rainbow and Brian. 

I don’t really know what I can say about it though. I think I covered a lot of it when describing why Brian was one of my favorite characters back on “Day 6”.

Brian had personality, CHARACTER, and wasn’t perfect. Very much a human.

Rainbow was like a mythical being, an ageless guardian of the worlds color. Not human, no matter how much she looked like a human child.

Pairing him with Rainbow was great because of this. If the show had been only her and the residents of Rainbow Land, it may have been a very stale show. Her befriending Brian added so much to those first three episodes.

The dynamics of combining the fantastic (Rainbow) with the “mundane” (Brian) really worked. And it was interesting that Brian, who towered over Rainbow and the Color Kids, and looked older, was so much younger. He was the one learning from them, even if he wasn’t aware of the fact.

And it’s Brian and Rainbow’s learning about and helping each other that made them an interesting friendship to watch. With Rainbow and Starlight, Twink, or ANY of the Color Kids, there wasn’t this learning about each other. They’d been together for countless centuries, they knew each other so well.

They’d grown stale in their routines, unable to think of a way out of trouble without the usual standbys (Rainbow’s color belt). Without Brian’s youthful, outside perspective, they would have possibly remained in that rut. (I say possibly, because Rainbow probably would have gotten them out of it, but there is no knowing how it would have gone).

Brian was new, and he kept things interesting.

He encouraged thinking outside the box, something that the Color Kids seemed to have trouble with. They all looked to Rainbow to solve all their problems, and Brian helped Rainbow to show them that with a little spunk, hope, and determination they could do anything.

 And again… Rainbow and Brian were so adorably flirty and bashful, respectively. So cute!  


30 Day Rainbow Brite Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 - Favorite Other Character

Brian. The kid from Earth. He’s not in very many episodes, and he does very little in the movie, but when I was little I only saw “Peril in the Pits” and the two-parter “The Mighty MonstroMurk Menace”, and he plays a big part in both of them. These three episodes were also the first three aired, and in my opinion have the most character development of the series (for the good guys anyways), Brian being one of the developed characters. And I love character development!

And when I was little, I always like Brian because he was a normal kid from Earth, and I was a normal kid from Earth too! I may not have been a boy, or liked baseball, or have a dad that was a lawyer, but that didn’t matter. I could still relate to him best of all the characters because, like me, he was new to Rainbow Land and how it worked.

Brian got to do cool things that I wanted to do, and one of them was on accident! Walking into a rainbow!

It’s swirly, chaotic colorfulness filled my entire being with a wonderfully magical feeling whenever I watched those few moments when I was little. I felt I was right there with Brian, experiencing the rainbow and it was awesome.

With the three episodes I grew up with, Brian grew as a person with each visit to Rainbow Land. For example, he learned not to give up when things weren’t going his way, as well as motivate others to do the same. 

His interactions with Red were fun to watch, these two boys being stupidly macho when thrown together. Brian trying to fit in, and prove he’s just as capable as the very self-assured, fiery Red Butler, who is the leader of the Color Kids under Rainbow.

Of course, my always yearning for a bit of romance in my cartoons, I always liked that there seemed to be a little something between Brian and Rainbow. Loved it when she’d blow him a magic kiss, and he blushed, acting all bashfully happy. Or when she tied a red string around his finger so he wouldn’t forget her. Little me just ate that stuff up!

So there you go. My favorite “other” character. Brian.

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