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30 Day Rainbow Brite Challenge: Day 9

Day 9 - Do you ship any of the characters?

Pssh, of course! But not, surprisingly, is it Rainbow and Brian.

Maybe I did see them as together when I was a little kid, but after watching all of the Rainbow cartoons as a grownup, I gotta say that while I do believe that they had a crush on each other for a little bit, I think Rainbow would eventually end up with Krys, if anybody.

Even though Krys seemed more interested in Lala Orange than he did any other girl, and was hostile towards Rainbow throughout the Starstealer movie, he seems a good match for her in the long run.

They are both heroes, and they are both guardians. Rainbow of color, and Krys of light. And look! They have matching sleeves. They were dressing alike before they even met! Destiny, yeah? He just needs to stop being the “typical little boy” who thinks that girls can’t do anything, and stop feeling threatened when a girl is just as competent as he is.

Next up is Buddy Blue and Patty Green. They seem to spend a lot of time together, both in the cartoon and in the books. Buddy seems a good match for Patty, his being the milder mannered of the two Color Kid boys, and a very active outdoors type. Patty also strikes me as a very active, outdoors type (look at her perpetually banged up knees), and she is a prankster. A hot-head like Red would not suit her, but Buddy can take whatever she gives with good humor. And what does Buddy get out of the relationship? Someone who’s willing to go running with him, even when it leaves her huffy and puffy before they’re through. Perfect for a fellow who loves exercise as much as he does.

At look at them here! He’s sneaking that arm around his girl, I tells ya it’s love!

The last couple I ship is Red Butler and Lala Orange. Look there! They are on a ferris wheel together! I always imagined being on a ferris wheel with a fella as a romantic thing (hear that future fella of mine? We have to go on a ferris wheel!). 

Red and Lala seem to be made for each other. Red seems to be trying to be an action-packed prince charming a lot of the time, cape and all.

And I take this valentine card as proof of his romantic side. 

Lala Orange seems to go very well with Red. She also seems to be a romantic (based partially on her somewhat french appearance and name), and seems the most princess-like to go with Red’s heroic knight-in-shining armor persona. She also a bit of a charmer, attracting the fellows easily. Krys had zeroed in on her the moment he landed in Rainbow Land, running up and taking her hand.

Unlike Buddy and Patty, I think Red and Lala would have a bit of tension in their relationship. Red’s already proven himself to be a competitive and jealous sort. I can see Red and Krys, both red-heads of similar temperament, getting into disagreements and competing for Lala. At least until Krys gives up, realizing he’s really meant to be with Rainbow.

30 Day Rainbow Brite Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 - Favorite Color Kid

It’s a tough choice, but I’ll go with who my favorite was as a little kid. Canary Yellow. Why her? Because I had a Canary Yellow doll, and I loved that doll. I also really like the color yellow too. I had other Rainbow Brite dolls, but Canary was my first, and I think the only one that wasn’t bought second hand.

I’ve made my very first gif here to show off my favorite Canary Yellow moment from the cartoon. Such a cut little hop! Her shoulder pad thingies FLAP! Like she’s a birdy! I love it! They should have done more with her. Red was the only color kid who really got any character development, and that’s a shame. They all had potential. I can see it right there in that hop! Flap those “wings” Canary!

Awww! So cute and energetic.

Runner up Color Kids are:

1: Indigo for being so beautiful/exotic/mysterious

2: Lala Orange for being glamourous.

Again, these are all based on how I felt about them as a little kid.

Also, that top little gif with the butterfly, I have no idea who made it, it was just sitting in my Rainbow Brite folder.

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